Access requirements

Additional specific entry requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements set out in art. 6 of RD 99/2011, the PD in Business Economics requires the following additional admission requirements:

  • Holding a Master of Research (MRes.) level degree, i.e. training for initiation into the research task, which demonstrates competences to conceive, design, develop and publicly defend a research work, in business or related subjects. In addition, students must have demonstrated sufficient performance during the course of the corresponding Master's degree in Research. This performance will be assessed on the basis of the grades obtained by the student. In any case, this criterion will be considered fulfilled if the student has completed a full Master's degree and the average grade obtained has been equal to or higher than a "B" (7/10) both in the Final Master's Project and in the average of the subjects taken.
  • Demonstrate a written and oral command of the English language. Any indication made in this respect in the curriculum vitae will be taken into account, together with the corresponding proof.

Access requirements

The requirements for access to doctoral studies are set out in article 6 of Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, which regulates official doctoral studies, as amended by Royal Decree 576/2023, of 4 July.

You can also consult these requirements on the website of the Doctoral School of the UVa: